H1N1: the best protection for your son’s eyes

29th Jun, 2017

Your son can’t wait to leave the city and go on holidays?

Don’t worry about the health of his eyes: H1N1 has thought of him too!

We have created an Eyewear line exclusively dedicated to the children, funny and playful as they are, characterized by a very high quality.

Sunglasses are all equipped with a polarized lenses: H1N1 believes that eye care should be utmost since childhood.

UV rays can be very dangerous not only for the skin but also for the eyes of children: so, it’s very important to protect them from the increasingly aggressive ultraviolet rays of the sun, without underestimating their effect.

Kids have always a great wish to move and play, less to pay attention to the glasses they are wearing: H1N1 has thought of a perfect frame to meet their needs, made of TPE, a particularly durable elastomer (used as an alternative to the rubber) with a high memory form capacity.

This material is completely non-toxic (contains no phthalates) and is also used for the production of drinking water cans and medical instruments; it has a very high flexibility even at low temperatures; it does not have any odor and it is 100% recyclable.

Take your holiday safely: H1N1 thinks of your son’s health!