Francesco and Andrea are the founders of 4 Planets and the owners of H1N1. However, they became friends in the late 1990s, before they became partners: this friendship stemmed from caving, an activity in which the extreme environment meant that relationship which developed between them is one of boundless, mutual respect.


Responsabile commerciale


Responsabile amministrativo

Born in 1978, Francesco is a cheerful but determined professional who is passionate about his work. The extensive experience he gained as an agent in the optical industry allowed him to launch 4 Planets S.r.l. as a start-up in 2009. He is currently the company's sales manager. Although he is a mountain enthusiast and loves anything that involves exertion and adrenaline, his eclectic tastes are demonstrated by his interest in that most expressive of dances, the Argentine tango. He is said to be, "cheerful, always smiling and sociable by nature."

Andrea, born in 1973, is a meticulous but enthusiastic professional. After obtaining a degree in economics and business, he started working in the field of administration and management where he gained a great deal of experience. This has led to him filling the role of administrative manager in the 4 Planets S.r.l. company. He is passionate about caving and entomology and loves the mountains and high-altitude sports. He is said to be, "meticulous but extraordinary, able to control any situation firmly and responsibly."