H1N1 collection: the new challenges of the brand in eyewear design

6th Nov, 2017

Born in 2009, 4Planets is a leader company in the world of eyewear, inspired by the Made in Italy, with a cutting-edge and original design. This industry is constantly growing in the field of fashion. In 2010, 4Planets launches the first H1N1 sunglasses collection, changing the way of looking at the world of eyewear.

Seven years after the launch in the market, the brand has developed three product lines:

  • eyeglasses for strong personalities;
  • sunglasses with polarised lenses;
  • junior’s collection to protect kids’ eyes, with coloured styles.

More than 800 hundred different combinations, based on fashionable lines, colours, on the use of traditional materials (Acetate and Titanium) and cutting-edge materials (TR90 and stainless steel).

All H1N1 models are high-tech and unique in style, following personal interpretations and inspired by iconic models like the Aviator, the Wayfarer, Just to name a few.


Even if the brand has a solid background of successful products already released on the market, it has not abandoned the will to test and research.
The Steampunk collection raises from the union of these elements, and it is the crown jewel of the H1N1 offer.

The materials used for this collection are in Steampunk style: technological, futuristic and reliable, but strongly attached to the past.
Discover what has inspired the Steampunk collection here “H1N1: a Steampunk Story“.

Bringing us back to vintage and subcultures, this one-of-a-kind collection focuses on H1N1 identity and strengthens its placement, not only to B2B clients, but also to the final customers.


In 2017 the brand has been in the first line in the eyewear market, even for its recent presence at SILMO, the eyewear fair in Paris.

The 2017 / 2018 fall winter collection, with its brand-new eyeglasses collection, has gained positive feedback from business operators.

In the weeks following SILMO, sales have increased, both in local markets and new exploring extra UE areas, where export custom service and post sale have satisfied the clients’ needs.

The collection released at SILMO 2017 (link) boasts 130 new models in more than 400 shapes.


The brand has launched new ambitious challenges for the B2B sector. The company aims to involve a greater agent / supplier network to be part of the company policies.

At the same time, an important market review is in progress, where H1N1 is already present with the aim to operate in sales and marketing area in a more efficient way.

And last but not the least, the investments in communication aim to strengthen the perception of the brand and the idea of the business it represents.

H1N1 has started a project of storytelling through digital devices, like Social Networks, to tell the most important features of the brand and its products.

If you want to join our latest social campaign, visit our Facebook page and our Instagram profile.

In our next episode we will be able to view the story of the founders of H1N1, Francesco and Andrea.