The H1N1 Brand: A Future Vision for Our Tribe of Enthusiasts

21st Feb, 2018

In Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, ideas are in constant movement. They are like travelers on the way, ready to reach those willing to welcome them.

According to the American writer, the right idea reaches the heart of open-mind and curious people, in an unexpected way.

The Meeting Between Francesco and Andrea.

This is what happened to Francesco and Andrea, founders of 4Planets, the leader company of the brand H1N1.

Francesco and Andrea met during hiking in the mountain. They had one common passion: speleology, so they used to go down the caves.

With experience, they learned to feel the vibration of the Earth. To dig. To find a contact with the stone. When they finally reach their destination, they are able to go back to the light, to see everything in its natural shape. Their friendship starts on the Dolomites and soon after ideas come. Earth is the company’s reference point and everything around it.

H1N1 and the Steampunk Collection.

An unlimited planet, full of possibilities to know, explore, understand and build. In 2009, 4Planets launches its first sunglasses and eyeglasses collection. H1N1, a fresh and dynamic line that speaks to large crowds and the world of fashion, through design items, cutting-edge and original.

We have already talked about the collections, the initiatives and future challenges in the last post.
Today, we will talk about the philosophy on the basis of this friendship. The propulsive thrust which launched the 4Planets brand, the contact with the community of customers and eyewear enthusiasts, but not only.

We are sure that the added value of a brand lies in some specific values and the connection with people.

  • Respect, efficiency, and determination, coming from young perspectives and distinctive personalities like Francesco and Andrea;
  • Honesty, inside and out the team and community of H1N1, together with its enthusiasts;
  • Loyalty in friendships and labour relations as well. Products are tested in order to provide high quality and compliance with the CE standards. Two years guarantee on each product. Timely delivery. Customer care and online and offline presence;
  • Kindness: respect, politeness, and courtesy are at the basis of the relationship with our customers, that is why people keep choosing H1N1!

The Steampunk collection, the crown jewel of H1N1, is the most representative example of this. Thanks to this collection, H1N1 speaks to a larger community, more than a target of the customer. With the models proposed by the line, with vibrations of the past and the line style tips, the brand suggests to enthusiats a vision, not simply a product.
Just like speleologists, always searching for past fragments and ruins, Francesco and Andrea give their tribe of enthusiasts revised shapes eyewear, brand new materials, and fashion combinations.

Do not miss the next appointment with the world of H1N1 and the new collection which will be launched at MIDO, from 24th to 26th February 2018.